About Us

Napoleon Revels-Bey

Nassau Performing Arts (NPA) was formed in 2011 in response to academic epidemic of low performing students that plague low income communities across our great nation. Nassau Performing Arts (NPA), is a not-for-profit organization engaged in developing programs that foster public understanding. Its founder, Napoleon Revels-Bey, recognized the power of the arts as an explosive teaching platform to introduce and strengthen 21st century learning skills. He has partnered with over 50 public schools and community organizations to bring his innovative programs to a broader audience. Through NPA, Mr Revels-Bey will promote equal access to his programs for youth and adults of all ages, genders and ethnic groups where arts functions as their common link. For more info, download resume and brochures www.revels-bey.com

Mr. Revels-Bey, Jubilation Award Fellow, is a world renowned Jazz muscian and enthusiast. He has traveled the globe sharing his talent and passion playing with notable jazz legends including Cab Calloway,Gregory Hines and Aretha Franklin. He is a sought after lecturer in the area of arts integration as a mechanism for advanced learning. Mr. Revels-Bey has particpated in numerous showcases and conferences across the country. More recently, he has dedicated his efforts to aligning his well-established arts integration curricula to the current common core standards and offer these lessons to youth and life-long learners. The NPA team is comprised of and supported by arts professionals, school officials, community organizers, musicians and many more.